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New whale species found in the Bering Sea

New whale species found in the Bering Sea

A rare discovery of a new species of whale has been made in the Alaskan Bering Sea. This species lives in the Bering Sea, between Japan and Alaska. Scientists have not given it a name yet. A dead whale was found on a shore in 2014. However, this was unlike anything anyone had seen before. For…

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The New Corneal Implant helps you to Correct Vision Loss

The Food and Drug Administration approved implantation of a tiny device in the eyes, this can surgically fix the problem of millions of Americans, and it can commonly occur in middle or old aged people. The miniscule was developed by the California-based AcuFocus Inc and it inserted a procedure of…

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The New Corneal Implant helps you to Correct Vision Loss
JOOS Orange Solar Charger

JOOS Orange Solar Charger

JOOS Orange solar charger has several benefits. Maybe the most important is internal battery. Also, it is waterproof. This means that it can be used when the weather is bad. Sadly, it has several drawbacks. It is heavy, it isn’t very easy to use and there is no direct USB plug. However, the…

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Scientists solved mystery of puzzling worm

The nature is the biggest artist on the Earth. Its enormous power has created organisms and plants in various shapes. The scientists recently found a prickly sea worm with its head attached to its rear. The research team said there are very few creatures like this. The scientific name of this big…

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Scientists solved mystery of puzzling worm